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Sigma Wellness LogoSigma Wellness is our men’s health initiative designed to educate and inform our membership and the community about key health issues facing men of color. Engaging our communities through dialogue about overall quality of health and solutions to improve our well-being as men by addressing:

  • Living Healthy: Diet, Nutrition and Exercise
  • Living Fit: Obesity and Weight Control
  • Living Responsible: Reducing your Cancer Risk
  • Living Risk Free: Sexual Health
  • Living Balanced: Spiritual and Mental Health
  • (NEW) Living Financially Fit: Successful Money Management

2019 VEGAN / VEGETARIAN Challenge Starts August 1

2019 Vegan


Kappa Sigma MARCH 2019 Wellness Challenge

  • Starts March 1 / Ends March 31
  • Choose the diet that best fits your health goals
  • See VEGAN-TIPS below
  • Good Luck!!!


Happy New Year!!!

Join Us For The 2019 Food Portion Control Challenge

  • Starts on January 2 / Ends on January 31
  • Eat the diet of your choosing —- just eat the RIGHT amount
  • NO Second Servings
  • NO Refills on Sugary Drinks
  • NO Over-stacked Meal Plates
  • Use this portion serving size guide to help you figure out how much you should be eating
  • DON’T cook enough for leftovers
  • Remember: Over-eating is NOT about hunger, it’s about satisfying the craving for food that TASTES good — Let’s Control Food!
  • Good Luck!!!

30 Day Planksgiving Challenge

The 30-Day PlanksGiving Challenge

Click here to start the challenge: Kappa Sigma Planks Giving Challenge

  • Please consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.

The 20-Day Mental Health Challenge

sigma wellness

Click here to start the chanllenge: 20 Day Mental Challenge

  • Please consult a mental health professional to address any issues you may be having.

The Kappa Sigma Chapter is kicking-off it’s Wellness Series with a 30-Day Exercise Challange!  Join us in getting fit and feeling better!

Food Week 1

Meal of the Week 2


Breakfast Smoothie

Vegan Oatmeal

Start the Vegan / Vegetarian Challenge Today!

Join The Fun!

  • Click Here For The Vegan Starter Guide!  It’s filled with great tips for new Vegans, and delicious Vegan recipes.
  • Click Here For Plant-Based Delicious Recipes 🙂

More Details & Incentives Coming Soon!


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